Intimate coaching experiences

Intimate coaching experiences


Transformational Life & Wellness Coaching

During our intimate coaching sessions we will delve into what you most desire in life, steps to get you there, and discover what myths and misperceptions are holding you back from reaching your highest potential.  We will take a holistic approach of exploration... finding what is currently working, what isn't, and finding your most desired path and outcome.  Through respect and love, we will uncover what is still holding on from your past, and how you can begin to allow those aspects to come to life as part of your growth journey.  Together we will discover and reconnect with the belief that you are complete and beautiful just as you are.

We will begin to ask.....

You have to dream in order to thrive.


What is your intuition telling you right now? 

What are your deepest  desires and dreams? 

What has your past given you to become who you are today? 

What can you let go of, and what might you need to pick up? 

What isn't working, and what is?

What is your heart's desire?


mindful movement sessions


Mindful Movement & Body Appreciation

Our bodies are our way of being in the world.  The female species is a miraculous phenomenon, capable of bringing life and existence into the world.  So why don't we treat our bodies with the deep love, respect, and reverence they deserve?  The messages coming at us on a daily basis skew this eternal fact and lead us into the thought processing of doubt and self sabotage.  Through mindful movement and exploration, we will begin to ask the body what it is trying to say, and we will learn to listen.  Our bodies are our lifeline, our vessel, our treasure.  She deserves our listening ear and yearns to be heard.  Through meditation, gentle stretching, and mindful movement techniques we will create a safe space for the body to relish and open into.  

We will begin to ask.... 


“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh



What is the body wanting us to hear? 

What is your relationship with your body?

What are you saying to your body? 

How could you manifest a sense of self love, respect and trust? 

What has your body done for you thus far in life? 

How can you enter into a space of self compassion, and stay there? 


nutrition and wellness counseling

nutrition and wellness counseling

What we put in our body becomes who we are




How does the subject of food make your body feel? 

What drives your food choices? 

What is your past and present relationship to food? 

What level of respect do you have for your body and the food that you provide it? 

What tools do you need to feel more confident in your choices around food?

What tools do you need to feel more confident in the kitchen?

What rituals do you practice during food prep?

 What type of energy are you brining to the table? 

Where do you eat the majority of your meal? 


Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

Food is our energy.  Our juju.  What we put into our bodies directly affects the way in which we portray ourselves in the world.

We are what we eat.

When we begin to bring mindfulness and love into this relationship, amazing revelations occur.  Together we will explore your relationship with food, the fear around this subject, and what your body is yearning for.  The body is our best teacher, it will tell you what you need, you just have to find a way to listen.  Through a variety of individualized processes including, bringing light into your partnership with food, exploring what lives in your fridge and pantry, cleansing where needed, grocery store tours, and increasing your confidence in the kitchen with food prep and amazing cooking experiences.  


We will ask.....

Desire mapping: Finding goals with soul

Desire mapping: Finding goals with soul

How do you want to feel?
— Danielle Laporte



What you are most grateful for, and what is not working in the areas of Livelihood & Lifestyle, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationships & Society, and Essence & Spirituality

How do you want to FEEL? 

Shouldn't feeling good be the whole point? 

What patterns are you recognizing in your life? 

How can you decide to rise? 

How can you begin to show up?

What are your 'core desired feelings?'

How can you begin to make choices throughout your daily life based on those feelings?






Desire Mapping:  Creating Goals with Soul

Through the Desire Mapping process, true and life changing work will be done.  Using the Desire Map book, written by world renown author Danielle Laporte, we will discover what you most desire in life and uncover concrete ways in which to embody and live that life moment by moment.  By asking, HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL? we can delve deep into what decisions are currently serving us, and the ones that aren't, and craft a life you love based on your internal guidance and intuition.  When we begin to ask ourselves how we most want to feel, we allow our goals to be constructed from an inner space of love and self respect, vs the external limitations and circumstances that plague our current society.  The magic happens on the inside, and we begin to exude a sense of self love, trust, and understanding moving forward.  


With the Desire Map we will explore...

JOin me as a proud alumni of the amazing mentor masterclass life-coach training program

JOin me as a proud alumni of the amazing mentor masterclass life-coach training program