Stacie came into my life about 3 years ago and has truly been one of the most influential people I have crossed paths with. She has helped me gain a tremendous amount of strength, not only physically, but more mentally. In my time knowing her, I have gained a stronger body and even stronger mindset. She pushes me to stay focused, motivated, and I can tell how much she truly cares. She has such a huge heart and every time I work with her, I leave feeling happier, stronger, and more ready for what life has to offer. I truly treasure Stacie as a friend, teacher, role model, and healer. 


~ Lily



Whenever I had a session with Stacie, I always felt very positive throughout it and at the end - even if that hadn't been my initial mindset. An hour with Stacie was always a safe place to talk about anything or try any kind of exercise. I could trust her. Stacie knows the body well and listened very carefully to what my issues were. She never judged or made me feel like I could say or do anything that she wouldn't understand. She wasn't just sweet, however; she pushed me to do better - be tougher - only by encouraging me and showing that she had the confidence in me to be able to do it. While always remaining loving and supportive, she wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. I needed that!

Stacie was much more than an instructor; she was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration on how to better live my life. She has seen a fair number of challenges in life herself and is very candid about them. I admire that, and I always admired the way she handled situations - with love and strength. I would most definitely recommend Stacie to anyone who was interested! 

~ Eugenia



Stacie was always such a pleasure to work with. Her warm and focused attention to me made me feel comfortable and at peace. As my guide in practice, she is always a bright, calming light for me and helps me see things in myself that I don’t always have the ability to see. And she took the time to listen to what I was experiencing mentally and spiritually and physically. I always look forward to our sessions! They are like a complete cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

~ Libby



From the moment I met Stacie, I felt an instant connection.  She is someone who brightens every room she enters with her knowledge, beauty, soul and infectiously positive attitude. When I work with Stacie, she pushes me to break through to MY next level, which she knows is the motivation that I personally need. When I leave our sessions, I always feel positive, motivated! I appreciate that my time with Stacie is not only physically challenging, but also emotionally filling, not to mention fun. When I am in a session with Stacie, she always leads me in the right direction, while listening to what I need. I appreciate that she is always my biggest cheerleader, but lets me know there is ALWAYS MORE I can be doing to improve and uncomplicate my full, happy and chaotic life. I would most definitely recommend my friends/loved ones/colleagues to work with Stacie; she has an amazing viewpoint and has really helped me to see my true priorities, as I have watched her model what is most important to her! I know that she will do the same for everyone that I send her way. My only regret is that I can not find the time to see her more!

~ Cady



I feel inspired, listened to, grateful and grounded each time after I work with Stacie. I am constantly wondering where she gathers her amazing strength and composed self!  With her advanced skills, knowledge, and experience she clearly knows how each small, tweaked movement makes a huge difference.
I  truly appreciate Stacie's compassion, and wish I could spend more time with her than 2 hours per week.  I also love   hearing about the nutritional pearls and what grounded components she strives to incorporate into her, as well as her family's day.
I have worked with other Pilates instructors and know that although I have come to love Pilates, I know I would not continue to do Pilates if it were with anyone else because I believe Stacie brings something else to the table that I cannot seem to put into words!!!!!!
I am truly grateful I have met Stacie,  spend time with her each week, and cherish her more than she knows!!!        

~ Joli


I survived six rounds of chemo which had killed my cancer tumors, but had also damaged my body in many ways.  Chemotherapy caused me nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, lethargy, loss of taste, aversion to food and drink and severe diarrhea.  As if that weren't enough, chemotherapy threw my 46 year old body into a sudden onset of premature menopause which brought on severe depression, along with the inability to sleep through the night & debilitating hot flashes.  The double mastectomies caused severe pain which made it impossible to get up from a sitting position by myself or reach over my head or pick anything up heavier than a light book or cup of tea.  Over time I lost mobility in my shoulders and was hunched forward causing my back muscles to ache and spasm.  My whole body had lost muscle tone and everything hurt.

When I met Stacie what I noticed immediately about her was that she was 100% present with me.  I had her undivided attention and care, and our time together flew by because her enthusiasm and belief that my body wanted to heal itself was contagious.  I always left our sessions together walking taller, feeling optimistic, empowered and loved.  I liked the way she always began our sessions with a huge smile and a hug and the question, "How are you and how does your body feel?"  And my response would always determine what happened next.  Stacie would customize our time together to my specific needs that day.  There was never an ache or pain that she could not address in some tangible, constructive way.  I loved that she could explain what was probably causing my pain and describe what was happening inside my body that I couldn't see.  Her years of working as a occupational therapist prior to her Pilates training and teaching grant her such a thorough understanding of body mechanics.  When you add that to her genuine enthusiasm for how incredibly made our bodies are, and her respect for the healing process, it's such a winning combination.  I also love her ability to verbalize things in a way that I can understand.  I always feel like we are working together and when I leave I always feel like I just spent the most productive and rewarding hour of my day!

~ Lynn


I always feel good in all the right places after working with Stacie! What I love about our time together in Pilates is that I'm moving in ways that I don't normally move, and I typically feel my muscles come alive afterwards in a really good way (never painful). Since working with her I've come to realize how good this is for me in the long run, not just now. And since I live in the present moment 98% of the time, knowing I'm doing something for the future of my body/my health is awesome. I would describe Stacie as a Teacher. Coach. Giver.  I find myself learning how to listen, learning to use the breath. And these are two very important lessons in life!  I wish I could work with her 2-3x a week.  

Stacie's style and bedside manner are wonderful. Pilates is so instructional, there are so many things to think about at once, and her delivery is one of the best I've ever had.  In my 13 years of doing Pilates I'd say her instruction and delivery is the best, and I've taken with a lot of highly trained instructors. She helps people understand how to do the moves, and also why. I am very grateful for our time together! 

~ Misty