Hi there.  

I am so happy you are here.  

My name is Stacie, and I would love to tell you a bit more about myself and what brought me here... to you. 

I live in the beautiful city of Charleston, S.C. with my loving hubby Brandon, 2 little beauties Haven and Miles, and our rambunctious white lab, Alamo. We love to be outside, on the water, traveling, taking afternoon bike rides (usually with an adult beverage of choice in hand) and spending time in our backyard with our family and friends.  I find my greatest joy in spending time with the ones that mean the most to me in life, and relish in each and every moment I am blessed to be with them. 

Now, let me tell you how I got here..

After losing my Dad to a debilitating disease in March of 2016, I knew that I needed to make some big changes in order to live the life that I desired and longed for.  My Dad's death was the catalyse to change for me, a sign if you will, that helped me to realize that we all hold our own destiny within ourselves.   After ALOT of soul searching, praying, and asking the universe to PLEASE have my back, I decided to quit my job of 6 years so that I could step out to pursue my life's work, lifting up and encouraging women throughout the world. 


I truly believe that our life experiences prepare us for our journey...they create who we are in the world.  


My story is no exception to the rule.  

As a young girl, growing up in a home with an alcoholic father and a loving mother that tried to make right from all my dad's wrongs, I discovered the first taste of self sabotage, mistrust, deception, lies, and overcompensation.  The secrets, constant tension, and a sense of 'covering everything up' led to a deep state of confusion and misunderstanding in my life that would travel with me as a companion much longer than I expected or desired.

I began to question my body, my choices, and my place in the world.  Why was THIS my story?  Why didn't i deserve to live in a peaceful home, with 2 loving parents and stability?  

As a teenager, these feelings only began to grow and I found myself involved in destructive relationships, pregnant at the age of 17, suffering through an abortion, disordered eating thoughts and patterns, self-hate, and depression.  There were many days that I couldn't face myself in the mirror or even leave my house.  I wasn't happy with who I had become.  I was severely underweight, unhappy, and overall disappointed in myself.  

How did I get here?  

I would ask myself.  How did this happen? Why did this happen? 

One day, when I simply couldn't take anymore, I was forced to get honest with myself and began the slow road of healing my broken soul.  Through many hours of counseling, praying on my 2 knees, deep self work, sharing my story and deciding that it was time for a change... I began to see a light again.  I realized that by sharing my story, I was helping others... maybe this was the whole point from the beginning.

Was this the purpose of my journey?  I would pray, ask, pray again, ask a little more, and then it became very clear to me that YES, this was the purpose.  The purpose of my journey was to be able to share my story, relate to others in the thick of despair, and then become an avenue of healing for others.

 Mission accepted.  Here I am.  Ready. 

As my soul began to heal, and I began to manifest deep love, self compassion, and a desire to seek communion and relationship with others, my life began to change.  

I cultivated life-long, sustainable and deep connections with amazing friends. 

I forgave myself, and thus was able to forgive my family. 

A man that loves me with all his soul, connected with mine, and here we are many years later.  Deeply in love. 

We created a family and have 2 amazing daughters that make my heart shine to its fullest every single day. 

I began to invest in myself again. I decided that I was worth it.  

I began to change that little voice in my head, which I still work on daily, to one of love vs myths/hate/disbelief.  

I chose love. 

My journey has led me here.  Everything has led me to this space.

I knew there was something more....

After working as an Occupational Therapist for many years & becoming a certified Pilates Instructor & Bowenwork Practitioner, I knew there was something more.  A way in which I could led from my experience, share my story, facilitate healing, and reach other amazing women in the world.  There was more.  And it came to me through Holistic Health and Life Coaching programs and the Desire Map.  

I found my nyche.

And now, as an Transformational + Wellness Coach I am on a mission to help facilitate ease, balance, fulfillment and joy in the lives of amazing, kick-ass women who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or as if they are missing the mark.  

I desire to be an avenue that exudes their internal beauty, seeks out their inner goddess, and helps to them to create a life that is heart centered and satisfying.  I warmly offer intense 1:1 collaborations, intimate group sessions, local and virtual workshops, and periodic retreats here in the beautiful Holy City, of Charleston, S.C.

Join me, won't you. Namaste. 


Peace and light,